101 Alien Lifeforms: Volume 1 [Paperback] Available Now At Amazon.com

101 Alien Lifeforms: Volume 1 Available Now @ Amazon.com


If the wonders of amazing fantasy worlds and extravagant alien creatures is your forte then you will love this first great volume. Travel the galaxies and great expanse of space with a skillful and professional Digital Concept Artist. A fantastic uniquely designed collection of aliens, creatures and beings will simply delight. 101 Alien Lifeforms will open your eyes to the incredible and the outrageous. Imagination from a fresh and completely futuristic point of view. With computer generated images, sketches, marker renderings and gouache paintings, each page is jam packed with creativity and originality. This is Digital Concept Art at it’s very best. Take the incredible voyage in Volume One. 101 Alien Lifeforms will wow you from start to end. A universe of colour shapes and great forms.


The Book represents a span of about ten years work till today.


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